How many close friends can you have on Instagram?

The moment you reach you might have a question about how many close friends you can have on Instagram then here is the shortest answer that you could get on the internet. 

Instagram Close Friend List

close friend dialogue box screenshot

Basically, Instagram’s close friend feature is a feature that helps you to add a story for particular people only so I added to the list you can add a separate story for them which is only viewable to these close friends. 

But the question is how many close friends can you have on Instagram? 

Also read: Here In the above screenshot I’m using Instagram in Dark mode.

Here’s How many close friends can you have on Instagram!

On Instagram, you can have uncounted Instagram close friends you can add as many as you want to the list so they would be able to see your close friend’s stories. 

Instagram does not limit the close friend list to numbers. It means you add money as you want to this list.

Most of the websites on the internet for the support forms actually suggest that there is no limit for close friends but when I ask the same question about Google’s bad AI system it answers me that you can have up to 100 close friends on Instagram so to try this thing I open my Instagram app and start selecting all those people into my close friendly and here are the results.

additional instructions from instagram about close friends

You can have up to 100 close friends on Instagram. Close friends are a list of people you want to share your posts with more easily. When you share a post with your close friends, it will only be visible to them and not to your other followers. You can add up to 50 people to your close friends list, and you can remove people from your list at any time.

To add someone to your close friend’s list, go to their profile and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Then tap “Add to close friends.” To remove someone from your close friend’s list, go to your close friends’ list and tap the three dots next to their name. Then tap “Remove from close friends.”

In my case, I have added 19 people to this list but I try to add more, and even figuring out on the internet I found that it’s unlimited. You can add as many friends on the CF list.

Close Friend List On Instagram Have no Limits

Many people have this question when they start adding people to their close list and they have a question about how many people get I can add to their close friend list on Instagram If you can add as many as you want Instagram won’t limit the close friend list.

Related sources: Instagram.

So that’s all from my side today I showed you how many friends you can add to the Instagram close friends list which is also known as Instagram CF. 

Many people have questions like what CFL means on Instagram and you can read it here. I know you got what I am trying to save. I hope you enjoy today’s article. Have a nice day.

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