Exactly: Can you see who views your Instagram? 2024

Here’s the shortest and quickest answer to the question: Can you see who views your Instagram, whether it’s your Instagram story, reels, profile, highlights, or account? Most people on Instagram have this query about whether you can see who views your Instagram reel, profile, or story highlight.

Where is the practical answer to It: 

My Legit Answer to Can you see who views your Instagram

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Unfortunately, you cannot see who views your Instagram reels, story highlight, or profile. Instagram does not provide this information to users. However, there are third-party apps that claim to be able to track who views your Instagram profile. However, these apps are not always accurate and can be risky to use. It is best to not rely on these apps and to only share your Instagram profile with people you trust.

Whenever you upload an Instagram story highlight or change your Instagram profile picture, if someone visits your profile afterward, you won’t even know who it is, even if your account is private or you have a business/creator Instagram account. However, if you upload a regular Instagram story, you can obviously see who viewed it.

For example, I wouldn’t receive notifications on my secondary Instagram account when someone views my profile picture or story highlights.

Apps to See Who Views Instagram

There are multiple apps available on the Google Play Store that claim to track these aspects, and there are also great apps available on iOS. However, there are some limitations on the iOS App Store, preventing them from offering certain features. That’s why the Google Play Store has a wider range of apps that can track various aspects of your profile, including video profiles, etc.

Is There Any Alternative to See Who Views Your Instagram Highlight or Profile?

In my experience, on Instagram, you can’t see who checks out your regular profile. It’s like a hidden secret – you’re left guessing who might be looking at your pictures and posts.

But when it comes to stories, it’s a different story. When I post a story, I can actually see who’s watching it while it’s still up. It’s like having a guest list to my little show.

Now, for video posts, it’s a bit more limited. I can see how many people viewed it in total, and I can also see who liked it. But I can’t see each person’s name who watched the video.

So, in my opinion, it’s like this: Your regular profile is a bit mysterious, stories are more transparent, and videos give you some insights, but not the full picture. And this hasn’t change.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

In my experience, there’s widespread confusion regarding whether you can see who views your Instagram profile. When I delved into this topic, I uncovered several misconceptions.

When I did my research, I found that many third-party apps and websites claim to provide information about your profile visitors. These apps often promise to reveal a list of people who’ve been checking out your profile. However, in my opinion, most of these apps are not trustworthy and often spread false information.


To sum it up, in my view, you cannot see a list of people who have visited your Instagram profile. Instagram maintains this information as private. However, based on my personal experience as of January 2024, you do have some visibility when it comes to stories and video posts.

I hope you all found the article helpful. Today, we wrote the article from our own perspective, and it is officially written by me, Ruchi. Furthermore, it has been fact-checked and proofread by Krishna.

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