Why is Instagram Showing Me Old Posts?

It can be frustrating to scroll through your Instagram feed and see posts from days, or even weeks, ago. You’re wondering, “Why is Instagram showing me old posts?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This is a common issue that many users experience.

Quick Summary

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There are several reasons why you might see old posts, which we’ll explore in more detail:

Instagram’s Algorithm Values Engagement Over Chronology

Instagram uses a complex algorithm, not just chronology, to rank posts in your feed. Its main goal is showing you content predicted to garner likes, comments, and shares – user engagement. So old viral posts can readily beat out newer ones lacking feedback.

Reviving Old Favorites That Drove Engagement

Let’s say a funny post from your friend goes viral among your social circle a few weeks back. To tap into that post’s proven engagement-driving power, Instagram may periodically re-promote it in your feed hoping to spark another bonanza of likes and comments.

Catching You Up After an Absence

If you’ve taken a break from scrolling Instagram lately, its algorithm assumes you missed some important updates and inside jokes. To prevent FOMO, it fills gaps in your feed with old but relevant posts you may have skipped.

Suggested Posts: OLD but RELEVANT to You

Even accounts you don’t follow directly can have evergreen viral posts inserted as Suggested Posts. Though old objectively, these reflect your interests – elongating scroll sessions to Instagram’s benefit.


  • A vintage meme from a humor account predicted to get laughs
  • A throwback clip from an athlete you admire was posted weeks ago
  • An evergreen cooking tip from last year saved for new audiences

While feel-good or helpful when relevant, old Suggested Posts prioritize broad user engagement over what’s newest.

Technical Difficulties Mixing Up Post-Order

Less commonly, seeing outdated posts can stem from app glitches or network problems messing up chronology. Try resetting the app or checking internet connectivity in those cases.

Stay Updated While Understanding the Algorithm

Now that we see why old content emerges, here are some tips to stay on top of fresh posts while making your preferences clear to Instagram’s algorithm:

  • Actively engage new posts from accounts you like
  • Use Favorites to prioritize certain accounts
  • Switch to chronological order for select accounts
  • Occasionally refresh app data/cache
  • Follow hashtags and accounts amplifying your latest interests

The next time you notice older content, don’t get too frustrated! The algorithm shows what it thinks you and others want to see based on complex factors. But you can guide it by clarifying your preferences through direct engagement and savvy feature use without getting lost in older posts.

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