Why Instagram is Not Update on Android or iOS [2024]

Maybe you’re trying to update the Instagram app but can’t! It sucks!

I know how it feels when trying to update the Instagram app, but it’s not updating. It’s frustrating!…. Take a deep breath. Take it.

Why is my Instagram not updating in 2024?

I will help you update the Instagram app in seconds in this article! I had a tremendous amount of experience fixing errors! So, let’s move on to the tutorial on Instagram not updating fix 2024.

screenshot of cant install instagram from google play store

Below are the things you need to check when you cannot update the app.

To Update the Instagram App

You need to keep all the main things in mind while updating the app.

1. Clear the Cache of Instagram 

When Instagram is not updating, one of the reasons is Corrupted cache files. If the app has stored some old or corrupted cached data, then it’s sure that the app won’t update.

So, Here’s a Guide to Clear Instagram App Cache. Follow the given method to clean the cache, then try to update Instagram.

2. Restart the Phone

We all forget that restarting the device is as necessary as charging the phone. If you don’t restart the device, you will face some issues. Sometimes the most common issues like Instagram keep Freezing! And even more.

So, Reboot your phone to fix Instagram not updating.

3. Stable Network

If you’re suffering from the network, then it’s 100% sure that “Instagram won’t update,” so try to get a stable network connection or at least have a non-fluctuating internet.

There are a few reasons why your Instagram app might not be updating.

  • Your phone’s software might be out of date. Make sure your phone is up to date by going to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • You might not have enough storage space on your phone. Delete some apps or files to free up space.
  • There might be a problem with the App Store or Google Play Store. Try restarting your phone or clearing the cache for the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • There might be a problem with Instagram’s servers. Check Instagram’s status page to see if there are any known outages.
  • You might have been banned from Instagram. If you think you’ve been banned, contact Instagram support for help.


Your Instagram app might not be updating due to various reasons such as a slow or unstable internet connection, insufficient storage space on your device, app store glitches, compatibility issues with your device’s operating system, disabled automatic updates, outdated app store platforms, app store restrictions, account issues, background processes interfering with updates, server problems, or app corruption. To resolve the issue, ensure a stable internet connection, free up storage space, check for OS compatibility, enable automatic updates if necessary, update your app store platform, verify account health, close background apps, wait for server issues to be resolved, or consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app if other solutions don’t work.

I hope it helps.

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