Unable to reply to specific messages on Instagram 2024; (fixed) this way!

If you cannot reply to specific messages on Instagram, especially in 2024, or if the reply to specific messages on Instagram is not working, here is an Article to help you solve this issue. You could respond to particular messages on Instagram by reading this article alone.

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Your dream, Comes true with us.

You cannot reply to specific messages on Instagram for a few reasons, so mention all those below and share how to fix this. 

This will be a very interesting and point-to-point Article. If you cannot reply to specific messages like the screenshot below, I will help you fix it. Let’s get started.

If you can’t reply to a specific message on Instagram, it’s due to the app not being updated for all the logged-in users. To get rid of this, log out from all the Instagram accounts, clear the cache, and reinstall the app. Performing this can bring this feature to your Instagram app. Moreover, report this bug to Instagram including your device model in the details and they will release a new update.

Reasons why you are unable to reply to a specific message on Instagram

So here are the three reasons you cannot reply to a specific message on Instagram.

  • Not updating the App. 
  • The App’s bug caused the update on the secondary Account.
  • Third and the oldest store data.

These are the top three reasons a person could not reply to a specific message on Instagram, especially in 2024.

I also suffer from this, but I figured out a way to fix it below, mentioning all the steps to reply to a specific message and fix it if you can’t.

Fix if you can’t reply to a specific text

unable to reply to specific message on instagram

1. Update the Instagram Moreover, do this

You might read a few articles on the Internet to update the Instagram App, but it doesn’t work right, so here is what you need to do extra instead of updating it.

Instagram App update

So, you have to log out from all your other Instagram accounts.


Because I suffered from the same issue that you are going through.

I used to have three Instagram accounts: one is my personal brand, and another is extra count.

So when I update my Instagram App, my Instagram Account gets updated. It has all the new features which are included in the App. Still, my primary Account, guidinginsta, is not updating the App. I don’t know why, but it happens.

Do this; You won’t regret it later

just for you gif

So, first of all, log out from all your Instagram accounts and ensure you remember the password; otherwise, you must reset it.

Then clear the cache and update the App.

2. Clearing Cache, You haven’t done this yet

The 2nd step is clearing out all the old junk data.

clearing cache data

This is the most underrated step that people usually ignore. By clearing the cache, you can fix the issue. To remove the cached data of the Instagram App.

3. Instagram Bug


This is one of the most common issues among all the applications. It doesn’t matter who creates the App. Apps bugs can be found on any App or software, even in operating systems. 

To remove the bug from the Instagram App, follow the below-given steps;

  1. Install the Instagram App.
  2. Reset the phone twice.
  3. Then reinstall the App.

You forgot this. Yet, you only learned how to fix it if you encountered this Instagram error. 

If you don’t read this Article on how to reply to a specific message on Instagram, you might do nothing.

Reply-specific messages on Instagram not working can be fixed by following the above three steps

I bet if anyone wants to fix the issue of being unable to reply to specific messages on Instagram can read this. 

Because people query why they can’t reply to particular messages on Instagram.


Hey there, gorgeous! I hope you found these steps helpful in fixing your Instagram woes. Remember, it’s frustrating when you can’t reply to specific messages, but don’t let it get you down! With a little bit of effort, you can quickly fix the issue and get back to connecting with your friends and followers on Instagram. So go ahead, try these steps, and enjoy sliding into those DMs like the boss babe that you are!

So this article can be helpful for that. Have a nice Day.

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  1. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very useful info specifically the last part. I searched for such info for ages. Thank you and best of luck.

    • Hi, so how can i fix the bug when I have 2 accounts and on my main a can’t reply, but on my secondary profile i can reply?

  2. This has started happening on my second Instagram account when I use Instagram on desktop. That and limiting what I can see to top posts only. Argh.

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