Switch to Personal Instagram Account 2024 [screenshots]

Here’s the exact Method I used to switch back to personal accounts on Instagram in 2024. You can easily use the same steps to switch to your account on Instagram and from the business or the creator’s Instagram account.

Most Instagram users are using their accounts. But with influence, we do change this and want to be creators.

It is a tutorial that can help you to change your Instagram account to personal.

How to Switch to a Personal Instagram Account

We share a YouTube video tutorial on Guidinginsta. Below, I shared the entire procedure that I followed, and I also shared the screenshot. Also read:

Step 1: Get into the Account Settings > Creator tools and controls

three lines from instagram profile page highlighted
instagram inner settings

First, open the Instagram app and tap on the profile from the bottom navigation bar. Now tap on the three lines as per shown in the image.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Switch Account Type’

switch account type from instagram settings

, On the settings page, scroll to the bottom. And here, tap on the Switch Account type to switch to a personal IG account.

Step 3: Select the Personal Account from the options

account selection to turn Instagram into personal or business account

A popup will appear when tapping on the switch account type, giving two options to switch the account. The first is the personal Instagram account, and the second is the creator’s Instagram account.

But options may vary. It depends on the current type of Instagram account you have.

Step 4: Confirm switching the INSTA Account to a Personal

switching to personal account confirmation dialogue box

When you tap on the personal account type, a new window will appear, confirming the action of changing the account type to personal because when users are in the creator IG or the business IG account, it provides the extra features mentioned here.

Before you switch to a Personal account, keep this in mind

You might be a business or a creator account user on Instagram.

Instagram gives some advanced features to its users, including insights, impressions, and ads! of course.

So, when you switch back to the average user account, you won’t be able to access those tools and metrics anymore. Keep this in mind while switching back.

That is all about the topic; most people want a summarised version to skim through. So, hey, skimmers, here’s a gift for you.

Switch to the personal account, Instagram meaning

Switching to a personal account, in-app insights will be turned off, and insights from all your content, including your ads, will be permanently removed.

5 Steps to Switch to Personal INSTA

  1. Tap on the Instagram profile from the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Select the Three lines and get into settings.
  3. Scroll Down and select the creator tools.
  4. Tap on Switch account type and then Personal Account.
  5. In this window, tap “confirm’ to switch to an Instagram personal account.

Like, at some point, we all get influenced by the life of an Instagram influencer.

switch to instagram account type screenshot with overlay text in personal account


When you own a color or a business account, switching back to a personal IG account is easy. Please read this for those who don’t know what Instagram account they have.

However, a personal Instagram account has many limits, including helpful features like reach and impression.

Being an IG user, I want to know: How many people have seen my post?

For that, Instagram’s ordinary account is not suitable. Users can have the creator account, which won’t limit publicizing it. You can still have your Private account.

End of the article: Today, I showed all the steps to switch to a personal Instagram account and shared the screenshot. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

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