How to See Out Who’s Saving Your Instagram Posts [New trick]

How to See Who Saved the Posts on Instagram? Here’s how to check. 

Want to know how to find who saved your post? Here’s the method you can use to see who just saved your post on IG, and it will also answer some of the most ASKED questions on the internet.

Instagram has many features, like saving a post to watch later, known as a “Saved post.”

However, if you want to know who saved an Instagram post, it’s not possible. You can technically check who saved your post. 

So let’s get started with the tutorial. 

Instagram like, share, comment and save buttons AKA icons

Can You See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

If you want a real and honest answer, here it is: there is no way to find out precisely who saves your Instagram post because it’s totally against the Instagram privacy policy. They cannot reveal any user data. Even if you use any third-party application with access to your account, you cannot check it.

Moreover, if you want to know who saved the Instagram story here, try it now.

However, this does not work 100% of the time. Because it’s totally on the user’s perception to reveal it or not, but you should try at least.

Using Instagram Stories To Know Who Saved Post

instagram stories carousel slider

Create an Instagram story using the same post, alternatively or, in a simple way, repose the Instagram post on your story and add a poll. Have you saved it for your watch later?

creating an instagram poll to know who saved my post

And the pole would include answers such as yes and no. If people say yes, or probably they say no, then we haven’t.

That is how you can see who saves your Instagram post, but it is only applicable when you have fever followers, so precisely you would know who the person who saved it is. But for those with a large fan following on Instagram, there is no way out there, man.

Like honestly, even if you try anything or use any app, you wouldn’t know who saved it,

Business instagram account with the creator instagram account in the bottom

However, Instagram allows business and creator account owners to see how many users saved their Instagram posts but now who saved them. You can get inside the app and find the exact number of people who save the post there.

So to check who saved your Instagram post, you need to create an Instagram story.

Sadly but that’s the only way! 

This is the only method to know who saved your Instagram post because Instagram doesn’t allow us to see the person or the account who saved your post reels or videos. 

However, adding a poll to your story will tell you how many people saved an Instagram post. 

Good news for you! 

Understanding Instagram’s “Save” Feature

First, let’s talk about the “Save” feature. Instagram introduced this feature in late 2016 as a way for users to bookmark posts they want to revisit later. When you save a post, it gets added to a private section of your profile where only you can see it.

how many users saved my post instagram

The post’s creator needs to be notified when someone saves their post, and there’s no way to see who saved your post from within the Instagram app.

The Limitations of Instagram’s “Save” Feature

Unfortunately, there must be a direct way to see who saved your Instagram post. This means that if you’re a regular user, you won’t be able to see who saved your posts, even if they’re public.

instagram post insights which includes, saved post, comment, likes and sharing

Regardless, you can see the number of saves for each post if you have a business account.

Checking Your Own “Saved” Posts

If you want to see the posts you’ve saved on Instagram, it’s straightforward. Go to your profile page and tap the “hamburger” icon in the top right corner. Read here for Instagram privacy terms.

NOTE: You must have a creator or business account for it.

1. Open any post from the profile.

view insights highlighted from post

2. Tap on view insights.

complete instagram post insights screenshot

3. Scroll down and find saved.

saves highlighted from post insights

Select “Saved” from there, and you’ll see all your saved posts.

Viewing Publicly Saved Posts on Business Accounts

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can see the number of saves for each post. To do this, go to the post in question and tap “View Insights.” Here, you’ll see the number of saves and other valuable metrics like reach and engagement rate.

Using Third-Party Apps to Track Saves

While Instagram itself doesn’t offer a way to see who saved your posts, there are third-party apps that claim to be able to do this.

Yet, be cautious when using these apps as they often require access to your Instagram account, which can compromise your privacy and security.

Privacy Concerns with Third-Party Apps

Many of these third-party apps are shady and are not endorsed by Instagram. They may require access to your Instagram account or even ask for payment to access their tracking services. Do your research and read reviews before using any third-party app.

Who saved my post on Instagram?

Instagram followers to the total number of people who saved the post on Instagram. So to see who saved your Instagram post or how many people saved an Instagram post, here is how to check.

And this thing requires a business Instagram account. 

So when you turn your standard account into a creator and business Instagram account, you will see all the insights of an Instagram post. 

After turning your account into a business account, you need to select the post whose inside you want to see. 

When you tap on the post, there is an option below-named view insights on the insides button, and all the insides like the impression that the post, the total number of likes, the total number of saves, and the reach. 


Hopefully, it is the only method to see who saved your Instagram post because Instagram doesn’t allow us to check the profiles of those who saved the post, but you can see the number of totals saved. 

That’s it for today’s article. Today I mentioned how to see who has viewed your Instagram post, and this website is entirely dedicated to Instagram. You can check it out and check out other articles too

Have a nice day, and have fun. 

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