How to See Who Blocked you on Instagram [practically]

Awwh! I am dying from this! I want to know whether this person blocked me or deleted my account. Hey Guidinginsta, can you help me with How to see who blocked you on Instagram?

This is the question that we recently asked by an Instagram user on our Instagram handle. We have been Instagram users for a long time and also we have worked for the support team in Instagram so here are my practical recommendations for you to see who has blocked you on Instagram. 

After reading this, there’s no need to go anywhere else; this article provides all the information you need. I’ll also share some screenshots to enhance your understanding.

This comprehensive guide will explore various methods to determine if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

How to Check If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

1. Search for the User

The first step in determining if someone has blocked you is to search for their profile on Instagram. Open the Instagram app and enter the suspected user’s username in the search bar. If their profile appears in the search results, they have not blocked you.

search for the person profile on instagram

Suppose my friend “Kushal” blocked me on Instagram. Now, when I search for Kushal in my Instagram app, I can’t find his account anyway, even if we have recently had a conversation on Instagram. I need help finding his Instagram account in the chats section. It will just show as an “Instagram user” in the chats, and I won’t be able to find him in the search option.

2. Check the Profile

instagram user with a sent message on chats
Instagram users with a sent message on chats

To check if a user has blocked you, click on their profile from the search results. You are not blocked if you can see their profile, including their username, bio, posts, followers, and followings. However, if their profile displays “User Not Found” or you encounter an error message, they will likely have blocked you.

3. Look for Mutual Friends

If you have mutual friends with the suspected user, you can ask them to check the profile on their end. If the mutual friend can view the profile without any issues, but you can’t, it suggests that the person has likely blocked you.

4. Check Previous Conversations

previous chats with deleted instagram account

If you have had conversations with the user in direct messages before, try to find that conversation. If you can still see the conversation history, even if the user is inactive, it may indicate that you have not been blocked. However, if the conversation has disappeared entirely, it could be a sign of being blocked.

5. Inspect Comments and Likes

check likes and other interactions instagram
Find the person in the like, comment list.

Review posts where the user has previously left comments or likes. You are less likely to be blocked if their interactions remain visible. On the other hand, if you cannot see their comments and likes on other people’s posts, they might have blocked you.

6. Try the Alternate Account Method

If you can access another Instagram account, either a new one or a friend’s, use it to search for the suspected user’s profile. If the profile is visible on the alternate account but not on your main account, there’s a high chance you’ve been blocked.

7. Check for “No Way to Communicate”

instagram user who deleted his account profile

Blocked users cannot communicate with the person who blocked them through direct messages. If you try to send a message to the suspected user and the message does not deliver or shows a “Sent” status without a “Seen” notification, it may indicate that you are blocked.

My Personal Recommendations

The steps I mentioned earlier are the legendary steps. If you follow all of them and still cannot find the person or initiate a chat with someone whose profile you cannot see, these are all strong indications that the person may have blocked you. If you’re hoping to compile a complete list of people who have blocked you on Instagram, it’s practically not possible.

Instagram will never show you all the people who blocked you on Instagram. Instead, you have to go and figure out who blocked you by using the above-mentioned 7-8 methods, which are true and actually work.

My Favourite Way to See Who Blocked You On Insta

So, is there another way to solve this: Can you see who blocked you on Instagram?

Basically, this is one of my favorite methods, so I recommend it to everyone who has ever come to me and asked, “Bro, can you find out who blocked me on Instagram?”

To go through this method, the only requirement is to know their Instagram username. If you have previously had a lot of conversations with them or have any chat screenshots or their profile screenshots, all of these screenshots might have one thing in common: their username. So, you must know the person’s username in order to determine whether this person has blocked you.

After obtaining the Instagram handle, you have to create their profile link. We have previously discussed in the article how to get profile links or profile URLs from Instagram. After obtaining this link, you have to enter it in any incognito mode of a web browser. If, upon entering (URL), you see the profile picture and username properly, then obviously their account is active, and they have just blocked you or your other accounts as well.

entering profile url to see if someone blocked you
entering profile url to see if someone blocked you
when profile showing and opening in incognito, means they have blocked you
when profile showing and opening in incognito, means they have blocked you
when someone has deleted there instagram account screenshot from incognito
when someone has deleted their Instagram account screenshot from an incognito


Determining if someone has blocked you on Instagram can be challenging since the platform does not offer explicit blocking notifications.

However, following the methods outlined in this comprehensive guide gives you a clearer picture of whether you have been blocked. It’s essential to respect others’ boundaries and privacy on social media. 

If someone has blocked you, it’s best to accept their decision and move forward positively. Remember that social media interactions should always be conducted with respect and kindness.

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