How to know if someone deactivated their Instagram?

How often does it happen when you figure out your friend’s profile on Instagram but find nothing, and there is a question that stumbles into the mind how to know if someone deactivated their Instagram? 

That’s a great question: How do we know if someone deleted or deactivated their Instagram account?

How do you know if someone deactivated their Instagram

instagram-deleted-account screenshot

I have a lot of instances where people deactivated their accounts. And I know exactly how to check if someone deactivated their Instagram account. 

So let’s get started. 

1. Visiting the Profile.

So the first thing is visiting the profile whenever any person deactivates their account. You want to see their Instagram account, even if you can’t find it. 

theruchikashyap instagram account screenshot

However, if you look into a child’s account, you’ll find their account, but when you tap on the name, you find nothing. Instagram will show you an “Instagram user” instead of the username. 

That means the person has deactivated their Instagram account. Maybe this is for temporary or permanent reasons. 

However, the same thing happens when someone blocked.

2. Check from Other Account

Open the person’s profile in any browser or from a different Instagram account. If you can see the actual username and see their profile picture, then definitely they haven’t deleted the account they blocked you. 

But if you can’t see the username, the person has deactivated the account. 

backdroidcom instagram profile visible when checking from another ig account
backdroidcom Instagram profile is visible when checking from another Instagram account.

You can’t send them messages.

You can’t send messages when any Instagram user deactivates their account with them temporarily or permanently. 

For a very recent instance, a friend, Usha, deactivated her account for studies, and I was sharing and reel, but I can find an account. 

You can’t share anything with the deactivated Instagram account or even message them. 

So the moment when you can’t share reels/posts or even you can’t message them, this means the person has deactivated the account.

3. Open the Profile Link in Incognito

In addition to visiting the profile using a different account or browser, another useful technique is to open the profile link in an incognito or private browsing window. This method provides a fresh perspective by eliminating potential cache or login-related issues. Here’s how you can proceed:

open instagram profile link in incognito to check whether you are blocked or not
Open the Instagram profile link in incognito to check whether you are blocked.

a. Copy the profile link of the person in question. You can typically find this link by accessing their profile on a different device or from a mutual friend’s account.

b. Open a new incognito or private browsing window in your preferred web browser. You can usually find this option in the browser’s settings menu or right-clicking on the browser icon.

c. Paste the profile link into the address bar of the incognito window and press Enter.

this page isnt available instagram error when you are blocked

d. Observe the outcome. If the profile appears with the username, bio, and posts visible, it suggests the account is still active. However, encountering an error message or a blank profile indicates that the account may have been deactivated or deleted.

4. Inability to Interact

when you are blocked on instgaram

One of the undeniable consequences of an Instagram account deactivation is the loss of interaction. When someone deactivates their account, you’ll notice that you can no longer send them messages. It’s as if a virtual wall has been erected, preventing communication. If you cannot share posts or send messages to the account in question, chances are it has been deactivated.

5. Seeking Confirmation

To solidify your findings, seeking confirmation from mutual friends or followers is wise. Reach out to them and inquire about the missing account’s status. If they also cannot find the account, it further supports the likelihood of a deactivation. By cross-referencing information and engaging in open communication, you can ensure the accuracy of your conclusions.

6. Considerations and Limitations

While the methods outlined above are effective in most cases, it’s important to consider potential limitations. Privacy settings can restrict access to specific users, which might result in a missing profile even if it hasn’t been deactivated or deleted. Additionally, changes in platform updates can alter the user experience, potentially affecting the visibility of profiles. Thus, it’s essential to exercise caution and interpret the findings with prudence.

The last thing you can do is check on your friend’s Instagram to see whether they can see the profile or find it from a search. Also read: How to Reset Instagram Explore Page; Easily! [instantly]

These are the three main factors in checking whether a person has deactivated Instagram. If they deactivate their account, you can’t see the username, message, or profile. 

If your friend also didn’t find the account, they have been deactivated on Instagram.


Decoding the status of a missing Instagram account doesn’t have to be a daunting puzzle. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently determine if someone has deleted or deactivated their Instagram account. Remember to respect the privacy and choices of individuals, as everyone has their reasons for making changes to their online presence. Let’s foster open communication and avoid speculating about others’ actions. Together, we can cultivate a more understanding and supportive online community. Happy investigating!

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