What Does CFS Mean on Instagram? (precisely this!)

Many of you guys wanted to know about Instagram CFS, what the meaning of CFS on Instagram is, and how it is helpful for you.

So in today’s article, I am going to break down what CFS is, what CFS means on Instagram, the origin and evolution of CFS, and how to use it.

I will also guide you through all the steps to create a CFS list on Instagram.

CFS Meaning

The basic meaning of CFS on Instagram is a close friend story, a new feature that Instagram introduced in 2018. So whenever you see the acronym CFS, it means a close friend’s story in 2023, but previously, when the feature was not introduced, CFS was a feature or a tagline for all who come to follow me.

Nowadays, if you find the CFS on Instagram, it stands for close friends story, a feature that people used on Instagram back in 2018 when they had many followers. 

list of CFS on instagram

Still, if you want to share the personal aspect of your life, CFS would be the best choice to share personal moments with your closest friends, so this feature was introduced.

WhatsApp status privacy inspired it. Users can select mainly whom to show their WhatsApp status and from whom to hide from.

CFS Insta Screenshot

close friend dialogue box screenshot
additional instructions from instagram about close friends

Use Case Of CFS on Instagram

Most people have a massive use case of close parent stories on Instagram because increasing followers means you want to keep every aspect of your life private from everyone who follows you.

So with this burning Desire and need for Instagram, it introduced its feature of close friends’ stories which is highly relevant today.

close friend list instagram option cfs

For instance, on my Instagram account, there are 44. It’s less, but still, not all the 44 people are my close friends or the very closest person I want to share my aspect of life with, so I created a CFS list on Instagram.

So the next time I post something on Instagram, I will dedicatedly share this with that CFS list. Other followers can’t see, but only the selected people can see that Instagram story, so it’s a good use of the feature and improves your privacy.

Instagram CFS Common Use

An everyday use case for Close Friends Stories on Instagram is to share more personal or intimate moments with a select group of people rather than with all of your followers.

For example, let’s say you are planning a surprise birthday party for your best friend and want to share updates and behind-the-scenes moments with the group of friends helping you plan the party. You can create a Close Friends list and add those specific friends. Then, as you plan and prepare for the party, you can share updates, photos, and videos to your Close Friends Stories, knowing that only the people on your list will see them.

This way, you can keep the party a surprise from your wider circle of followers while keeping your close friends in the loop and making them feel more connected to the planning process.


That’s it for today’s article, and today’s article, I showed you what CFS means when it was introduced on the Instagram app and the use case of CFS on Instagram. Here’s the link to Instagram Acronyms and Dictionary.

I hope you found the article helpful. Let me know if you have any queries about the topic in the comments below.

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